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Personal Care Products at Sierra Sundance

The Products You Choose to Put on Your Body are Just as Important as the Foods You Put in Your Body

You can make a positive impact on your health and the environment in many different ways. Using personal care products that are made from natural ingredients and lack harsh chemicals, is one powerful way to protect and preserve the Earth. Sierra Sundance happily carries a wide variety of such products for its customers.

Natural Personal Care Products at Sierra Sundance

The number of natural personal care products is considerable, so when you come in to find products for your personal care needs, feel free to ask a store associate for help. Each employee working the floor at Sierra Sundance Whole Foods, is more than ready, to tell you about some of the following types of items on the shelves.

  • Natural Hair Products
  • Natural Sun Care
  • Natural Deodorant
  • BPA-Free Products
  • Natural Facial Care
  • Natural Baby Care
  • Natural Skin Care Oils
  • Biodegradable Soaps
  • Cruelty Free Personal Care Products
  • Natural Body Care

Benefits of Using These Products

Using environmentally-safe products for your personal care is not just a matter of avoiding harsh chemicals. Nor is it really about making sacrifices for a cleaner Earth. These products are actually better for you as well as for the environment in many different ways.

Many, if not most, personal care products are applied to the skin. A lot of people are unaware that the skin is the body’s largest organ. When you use products that contain harsh chemicals and put them on your skin, you are virtually inviting them into your body. While the skin is a good defense, it can also be penetrated by these ingredients.

Like many other products, personal care items often contain parabens. These chemicals are used to preserve the products and give them longer shelf-lives. However, they also mimic human hormones in some cases. When they enter the bloodstream, they can easily alter and confuse your normal bodily functions and interfere with your metabolism in unexpected ways. Natural products avoid this effect because they do not include synthesized ingredients.

When you support companies that make natural products, you take income away from companies that create harsh chemicals in the first place. Distributing these chemicals around the world in metal cans and plastic bottles is bad enough. However, by turning your dollars toward green thinking companies, you not only reduce the number of such products on the shelves but you also keep these companies from even undertaking the processes that lead to their creation. This is an extra bonus of environmental safety that you can provide.

Another good reason to use natural personal care products is the fragrance involved. After adding harsh chemicals to their products, companies that manufacture them have to find some way to cover up the unappealing smells that they make. To do this, they add other chemicals and compound the dangers that these items pose toward your health and the environment. Natural products avoid this issue altogether by simply using sweet-smelling, organic and other ingredients that never threaten your health or offend your nose.

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Why Shop for Personal Care Products at Sierra Sundance?

Natural products are growing in popularity and Sierra Sundance is certainly not the only store to sell them. However, there are many good reasons to bring your personal care product shopping to our door.

  • The most important thing about Sierra Sundance is our vested interest in keeping you healthy and safe. This store recognizes that it depends on its community for support. That is why our products come from local sources as often as possible and only contain ingredients that are good for your health.
  • Our products also keep the other residents of planet Earth safe. These personal care products are not tested on animals in inhumane ways.
  • Whenever possible, Sierra Sundance buys its products from local manufacturers to keep the economy of the surrounding community healthy as well.
  • Our employees are well-versed in the advantages of natural products and the disadvantages of the chemicals found in most other personal care products. You are not just buying things in this store. You can also get an education in environmental issues when you engage one of the associates working the floor.
  • We offer the largest selection of all-natural personal care products in the area.

Come down to Sierra Sundance to find your own personal care products. You will find them in every variety but they are all engineered to keep you healthy and the environment intact.

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