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In Addition to Eating Healthy, Many Customers at Sierra Sundance are Also Avid About Buying Locally Grown Food

They do this for many different reasons. Supporting local farmers is not just a way to support your local economy. As it turns out, this food often tastes better, is better for you and helps preserve a local way of life for future generations. An additional bonus is the lessened impact on your pocketbook in the long run.

Support Local Growers for Your Palate

You might be surprised by the different taste in eating local food. Some people make the mistake of thinking about buying from local growers as a duty. In reality, this is a good way to put some authentic taste back in your meals. Many processed foods and frozen foods shipped over long distances suffer from bland tastes that have to be spiced up in various ways. Local food retains the taste that food is meant to have.

Eat Local Food for Your Health

Eating foods grown by local farmers is also generally better for your health. Foods lose flavor and they also lose nutrients after they are harvested. The sooner that you get them to your dinner table, the more nutrition that they will provide. This will allow you to eat less food, to get the same energy and other health benefits from your meals.

Buy Local Foods to Preserve Your Environment

When you buy from local growers through Sierra Sundance, you also take steps to preserve the local environment. The best way to take care of the Earth is to take good care of your little corner of it. Sierra Sundance does this by seeking to bring in local food from growers that use safer methods of crop cultivation.

This reliance on local farmers also helps the environment in unexpected ways. Bringing in local foods uses less gasoline and other energy sources. This process also requires less packaging and other resources that have an impact on the environment.

A lot of people overlook the way that buying local foods preserves open spaces as well. If you like to look out from the road and see open spaces, crop lands and pastures, then you should support local farmers with your wallet. As long as they can operate a good business growing and selling food in the area, it is less likely to undergo development.

Buy from Local Farmers to Support Your Local Economy

Perhaps the most important reason for buying local foods is the way that this affects the economy. Instead of sending the money for those foods to out-of-state and foreign interests, the profits stay in the local area. This helps provide jobs and makes your area a stronger, more vibrant community.

Save Money with Local Food

The food sold by local growers may or may not be cheaper on the shelf than other foods. However, in the long run, you will save a lot more money buying these foods than if you rely on products brought in from outside your community. The reduced damage to the land and lower usage of energy will definitely lower the costs of living in the future.

Furthermore, the government always ends up spending more than it gets in return from residential development. However, the government only spends about one-third of the money that it acquires from farm land. The result is lower taxes for everybody.

In the end, buying local food is really about the future. If you want to have a hand in shaping that future, buy from local farmers. When you buy foods from outside sources, you put somebody else in control of your community.

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Local Growers and Farmers in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra

Bishop Creek Farms

Bishop Creek FarmsBishop Creek Farms is a resurrection of the type of small farm found a century ago in the Owens Valley. As such it is a farm that unites community, land, and place. It is a farm that proudly adheres to agrarian principles where smaller is smarter, local is fresher, and a quality harvest is the result of using farm practices that are both sustainable and economically viable.

Bishop Creek Farms has an obligation to grow quality, organic produce using time-tested, sustainable methods. We say obligation because as farmers it is there belief that, “we have been entrusted to both care for the land we toil upon, and feed the people we grow for, in the most healthy and purest way possible.” Of course this means farming without chemical fertilizers and herbicides, but it also means minimizing the overall environmental footprint, which includes wise water use and producing and selling there crops locally. To Steve and Bruce, farming is a biological, rather than industrial process, and they intend to keep it that way.

If you have any questions about their produce or would like more info about their farm, you can contact Bruce Willey or Steve Baldwin.

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Apple Hill Ranch

Apple Hill RanchIn the age of gargantuan agribusiness, Apple Hill Ranch is a rarity, an organic U-pick farm, located just south of Bishop, California. The staff at Apple Hill Ranch are extraordinarily helpful in pointing out which produce are ripe for the picking, and what will be in season soon. They primarily specialize in tree fruits, including plums, figs, apricots, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears and asian pears, and also have a huge tented section of cherry trees as well. Amongst the fruit trees they also have beautiful vines filled with delicious grapes and raspberries. You will also find a small selection of vegetables too, which include carrots, garlic, onions, squash, and tomatoes.

Their prices are quite reasonable and it’s fun to pick your own fruits and veggies. If it’s too much effort to make the trek to Wilkerson you can find many of their fruits and vegetables at our market, Sierra Sundance Whole Foods in Mammoth Lakes. Note: USPS lists the address in Bishop, but locals know it as Wilkerson (the small community just to the south of Bishop on highway 395). Bring your own bags and call for off-season hours. Go visit Apple Hill Ranch, it’s a fantastic experience picking the best organic fruits and vegetables in the Owens Valley.

California USDA Accredited: Registration #99-008

If you have any questions about their produce or would like more information about their ranch, you can contact Rick or Lauralee DeVore.

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Banner Springs Ranch

Banner Springs RanchBanner Springs Ranch is an off-grid, small-scale, non-certified organic farm located in Benton, California. Their growing season is between June and October, and they offer high-quality, organically-grown greens, root crops, assorted vegetables and hops, which include arugula, spinach, lettuce mix and a wide variety of other seasonal produce.

If you have any questions about their produce or would like more information about their farm, you can contact Jeph Gundzik.

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In addition to these local farmers, you may also find the Inyo-Mono Master Gardener Program helpful.

You can also check out their Local Food Resource Guide for more information about locally grown produce in Inyo and Mono Counties.

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