Sierra Sundance: Our Journey to Bring Health, Wellness, and Awareness to Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra

Main St, Bishop, California 1930'sThe Mandich Family is originally from Bishop, California. Nick Mandich Jr. started Owens Valley Drug, a pharmacy on the corner of Main St and Line St in Downtown Bishop. As our father grew up working in the pharmacy, he realized there was much more to health and wellness than pharmaceutical drugs. Our mother being a free spirited young hippie had always been interested in alternative medicine.

Falling in love in Mammoth Lakes, they decided to raise children and make the Eastern Sierra their home. As their passion grew for well being and nutrition, they came upon an opportunity to purchase and take over a health food store. Who knew that in 1992, it would be the beginning of a new era, a quest to bring awareness and availability to our town of Mammoth Lakes. Nick and Denise Mandich (Mom and Dad) built a solid foundation to grow as both Mammoth Lakes and the health industry expanded.

Sisters and Owners of Sierra SundanceGrowing up working in the health food store, both of the daughters, Silena and Tanya, knew the importance of health and nutrition, and wellness in the world. Taking over the family business in 2005, the girls knew it was time to expand the store. Now a 3000 Sq. Ft. neighborhood market, where your health in number one, Sierra Sundance Whole Foods is a thriving local business. This market is a dream come true!

Successfully in business for over 19 years, we have grown immensely and continued to stay tight knit, family-owned and operated. Sierra Sundance Whole Foods meets the needs of many natural food advocates, as well as your everyday grocery shopper. We strive to keep our community educated with free advice and nutritional help. We carry a large array of organic products, natural meats and seafood, cutting edge supplements, bulk foods, and organic produce. Continued improvements will always keep Sierra Sundance on the up and up with all the latest in health and wellness.
Front View of Our Market

Our commitment to you…

Sierra Sundance values the true spirit of the human being. Our journey begins with the search for the health of our body, mind, and spirit by means of providing the very best tools that reflect a conscious choice.

We believe this planet was created to perfectly sustain human life and that the closer we live to the laws of nature, the healthier and happier we will be in our own lives.

It is our dream to provide the best information, products, and service to that end.

Our desire is to have a competent staff that is obsessed with providing you the most friendly, educated, and helpful service available.

Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.

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